Megan Huber & Nikki Nash Present

group coaching mastery

A 5-day workshop designed to help you repackage, refine, and relaunch your group coaching program to add 6-figures of new income to your business.
April 29 - May 3 | 3 pm EST

Are you a 1:1 coach who dreams of helping more people - without sacrificing quality?

Your 1:1 clients have gotten transformational results and you're ready to scale - but you worry about capacity and bandwidth...

You'd love to expand, but the thought of more automation and tech to manage it all is overwhelming....

If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Group Coaching experts Megan Huber and Nikki Nash have a 5-day workshop called Group Program Mastery that will show you how to structure, fill, and deliver your group coaching program - all without compromising on results, your time, and your reputation in the market.

Why Would You Do Such a Thing?

Like an ice cream store that offers complimentary samples, Group Coaching Mastery will give you a taste of what it’s like to not only learn from Megan and Nikki but to be inside one of their communities so you can decide if working with them is right for you.

Each day, for only one hour, they'll teach you what is needed to launch and deliver a scalable group without losing what makes your coaching special.

What’s Inside the Group Coaching Mastery Workshop:

The Untapped Value of Group Coaching: Learn how adding a group coaching dimension to your business model can enhance your business's value, allowing you to serve more clients and increase your income while maintaining your standards and helping your clients get amazing results.

How to Make Your Group Program Attractive to Premium Clientele: Clarify the transformation you deliver and define who you serve best. This clarity will become the pinnacle of your group program's success.

Launching Made Simple: Discover our low-tech strategies for enrolling clients into your group program. Our methodology doesn't rely on complicated technology or overwhelming marketing tactics.

Turn Your Expertise Into A World-Class Curriculum: Identify your unique method for creating consistent client results and creating a transformative experience that aligns with your unique coaching style. This is what will allow other team members to take over more client delivery!

Design for Client Success: Explore key components to include in your group program to maximize client success and outcomes, ensuring your clients rave about their results and your group offering without bending over backwards to ensure they get results.

Is This Workshop for You?

This workshop is perfect if you're already doing well with one-on-one coaching but want to reach more people without getting overwhelmed by tech or worrying about losing quality.

This workshop is also perfect for you if you have attempted to grow a group program in the past or have one now that you aren't sure how to successfully scale without working more hours.

Who Shouldn't Join:

If you're still new to coaching or looking for a quick way to get more business, this workshop is not a match for what you need right now.

If you’re not generating consistent revenue with 1:1 OR you do not already have an existing group you want to scale, we advise you to focus on creating consistency with 1:1 before adding a group to your business model.

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